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DMC-14/-20-G2 Overview

K-O Concepts, Inc catalog DMC-14/-20-G2 portable rack-mount water chiller can cool heat loads from 1,400-2,000 watts. These industrial process water chillers have been designed for laser, laboratory, medical, and manufacturing cooling. The DMC-14/-20-G2 has advanced temperature control that is able to maintain ±0.1°C of set point. The volume of a DMC-14/-20-G2 is 12-65% less than competing models.

K-O Concepts DMC-14/-20-G2 is designed to cool CO2 lasers such as Synrad's firestar-t70i, firestar-f100-201, and the evolution-100 series CO2 lasers.

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Optional Accessories & Replacement Parts

DMC-14/-20-G2 Optional Accessories & Replacement Parts

Setpoint Temp Range : 5°C - 35°C
Cooling Capacity : Model DMC-14-G2: 1,400W@20ºC
Model DMC-20-G2: 2,000W@20ºC
Stability : ± 0.1°C
Pump Options : PDM-SS 3-10 LPM / RD-05 6.0 LPM / PDM-SS-6-16 LPM
Dimensions in. (WxDxH) : 17.12 x 22.34 x 12.19
Ambient Temp : 15°C - 35°C


SECOND GENERATION (G-2) rack-mounted water chiller. Standard 19 inch, rack mounted configuration allows the cooling module to be integrated with the equipment to be cooled. Fully enclosed cabinet is equipped with handles for ease of installation. Weights from 76-85 lbs. / 35-39kg. The chiller is air-cooled for portability.

Accurate Process Water Temperature Control
New 1/16 DIN “PID” controller offers more communication options and now has a visible symbol when controller is communicating with other devices. Maintains the desired process water temperature to within 0.1°C of set temperature.

Waste heat is harvested from the system’s compressor to quickly raise the temperature of the process water. Approximately 40% of the BTU rating of the chiller unit is available for heating the process water up to 50°C without any external heat load.

Communications Options
Standard RS-485 communications or optional RS-232, Modbus RTU or TCP, USB 2.0, DeviceNet or Profibus DP. Optional 2 Digital Input/Output alarm signals via communications.

Electrical Highlights
Both DMC models operate from single phase power. K-O chillers are power miserly and use about 33-50% of the power of competing chillers. If green is your color K-O is your chiller.

CFC Free Refrigerant
All models use environmentally friendly R134a (HFC-134a) refrigerant. Chiller units using this refrigerant can be sold into Europe and Asia.

Process Water Pumps
Standard positive displacement (sliding vane) style process water pump with eight (8) speed settings provides flow from 3-10 liters per minute @ 70 psi (4.8 bar) available pressure. Optional positive displacement (sliding vane) style process water pump with seven (7) speed settings provides flow from 6-16 liters per minute. Optional centrifugal water pumps are also available.

Optional Deionized (DI) Water Package
Includes nickel-brazed heat exchanger, ion (DI) cartridge assembly, water filter, and upgraded 316 stainless steel fittings. Easy service to the DI cartridge is accomplished from the rear panel.

Easy to Service & Maintain
Chillers are designed for easy service and maintenance. Convenient process water fill & drain features on all models. Access panels for ease of electrical service.

End-User Printed Circuit Board
The EU-PCB monitors and reports interface signals via front panel LED’s, audible alarms and/or power down on any or all fault signals.

Optional Digital Pressure Gauge
The DPG is an upgrade to the mechanical pressure gauge. The transducer operates from 0-145psi and has a 0.25% BFSL accuracy rating. The transducer has all stainless steel parts with no o-rings. The controller displays “in-range” pressure values in green and “out-of-range” pressure values in red.