Rack Mount Recirculating Coolant Chillers @ K-O Concepts, Inc.

K-O Concepts, Inc.

     At K-O Concepts, Inc. we have been designing and manufacturing precision recirculating coolant chillers for 27 years. This experience has resulted in products that provide out-of-the-box thinking for your cooling requirements.  Innovation comes standard with our 19” rack mount configuration to save floor space and aid in integration into your system.

Industries We Serve:

     Chillers from K-O Concepts serve numerous industries. Our recirculating rack mount chillers have many applications including: laser chillers, laboratory equipment cooling, manufacturing applications, medical equipment chillers, pharmaceutical chillers, radar cooling, military and aerospace applications (just to name a few).   When it comes to compact packaging and temperature control for your equipment, K-O is an excellent choice. We are now designating a catalog line specifically for aerospace applications. 

Standard Products:

     Please see the links to the detailed descriptions below for the advantages of choosing K-O Concepts, Inc. for your liquid chiller needs. Our standard chiller units are lighter weight and more compact than our competitors. Our water chillers range from 800-3,200 watts with a temperature stability of 0.1 oC.  K-O Concepts offers optional upgrades to our catalog units to provide PAO (polyalphaolefin) or de-ionized water compatibility.   Our standard catalog chillers are listed below. Select the model number (or wattage range) of the chiller you are interested in for a detailed description and technical specifications.

LCR-8-G2 Rack Mount
DMC-14/-20-G2 Rack Mount DMC-30-G2 Rack Mount Front
DMC-15/-20-DC Rack Mount Front


     *Free standing versions of our rack mounted chillers are also available. *         



If our standard catalog models do not meet the needs of your application, please contact us.  We will consider offering you a modified standard cooling unit to meet your requirements.